Plagger: DIY RSS/Atom aggregation

Plagger is a pluggable RSS/Atom feed aggregator written in Perl. Everything is implemented as a small plugin and you can mash them up together to build a new application to handle RSS/Atom feeds. Ray Ozzie said RSS can be Unix Pipe of the Internet and that way Plagger is an Unix shell for that!

If you're familiar to Perl, Plagger is a blosxom or qpsmtpd for RSS aggregator.



Plagger Plugins

You can browse the plugin repository by simply going to source:trunk/plagger/lib/Plagger/Plugin directory. Document for each plugin is available as in POD document, which is available as HTML on Search CPAN distribution page.

Plugins can be enabled / disabled using condition modules (= rule-based). So you can do "Forward all the updates to my Gmail account, but if the title contains 'Plagger' and bookmarked by 5 users on, SMS me as well."

We're in the active development right now. API and config file format might be changed in the future.


We have a Subversion repository and you can check it out with:

svn co

If you want a svn commit bit, email me your username and htpasswd format password to miyagawa<at>



Tatsuhiko Miyagawa drives the Plagger development. See AUTHORS for a list of contributors.