Installing Plagger without doing continuous svn update is doable, but unfortunately, it's not something that works "out of the box". Here's a quick how to.

Install Plagger from CPAN shell

Installing Plagger libraries (and dependencies) is just as simple as typing

cpan> install Plagger

from CPAN shell. Cross fingers and wait for the shell to do the tough things for you.

Copying assets from Subversion or tarball

You can start writing config files now, but eventually you'll encounter errors like ./ not found from Plagger template system.

This is because assets directory has to be installed and located in the configuration file. assets directory is on subversion that you can check out, or also inside the Plagger-{version}.tar.gz.

You just copy the directory to the new directory whatever you like, say /home/joe/plagger-assets. All you have to do is to specify the new directory in your configuration file, ala:

  assets_path: /home/joe/plagger-assets

Now Plagger uses the directory when it tries to locate template files used in Plagger plugins.