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CustomFeed?::Script will execute any script that produces RSS/Atom or YAML output to create a feed. this way you can re-use something2rss, made for NetNewsWire? or newspipe without any modification. It means you can write customfeed scraper using Python/Ruby as well.

- module: Subscription::Config
      - script:///path/to/something2rss

will execute '/path/to/something2rss' and parse the STDOUT result as RSS feed.

If you're lazy and want to create a new scraper script, you can dump output using CustomFeed?::Debug compatible YAML format, ala:

use YAML;
# do something with screen scraping
print YAML::Dump({ 
  title => "feed title",
  entry => [ { title => "entry_title", body => "..." } ],

CustomFeed?::Script will auto-detect the output format by checking its magic (XML declaration, or YAML-ish data?) but you can force the format by:

- module: Subscription::Config
      - url: script://...
          script_output_format: YAML

(BTW I hate url:/meta: nested config, since it looks ugly.)

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