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Feedback from aristotle

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03:35 (^aristotle) I'm starting to consider whether it fits my bill now
03:36 (miyagawa) what's your bill?
03:38 (^aristotle) I want something that will archive the feeds I subscribed to over time, independent of my desktop aggregator
03:39 (^aristotle) basically:
03:40 (^aristotle) I have 300 subs, all in my desktop aggregator, and I don't expire anything (well almost -- only on 5 or so feeds)
03:41 (^aristotle) but the box will be off for a few weeks, and in the meantime, I need something that can run headless and will continue to poll my subs and archive it all
03:41 (miyagawa) i see.
03:42 (miyagawa) I suppose Subscription::OPML + Aggregator::Xango + Store::DBIC would help
03:42 (miyagawa) and then you need a republishing server that pulls data from the DBIC database
03:44 (^aristotle) that part is not really a problem
03:45 (copper) ^aristotle: credit me for linking to a news? lol, I don't think that's necessary
03:45 (^aristotle) copper: k
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03:46 (copper) just read Slashdot ;)
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03:47 (miyagawa) ^aristotle: what's your prefered way to archive the feeds?
03:48 (miyagawa) in Plagger it's just writing another plugin to write your data anyway
03:48 (^aristotle) I don't really care that much
03:49 (^aristotle) what I'm unsure about is getting the data back out in 300 separate feeds instead of as a single unified one
03:50 (miyagawa) you can do both 
03:51 (miyagawa) Publish::Feed by default writes data per feed. SmartFeed::All creates a virtual single feed that contains all items from all feeds
03:52 (^aristotle) ah
03:53 (miyagawa) the way it merges and dedupes entries is a bit tricky and the implementation is so dumb/naive
03:53 (miyagawa) so I won't be surprised if it kills your RAM by creating SmartFeed::All off of 300 feeds :)
03:54 (^aristotle) well I'm not interested in a unified feed :)
03:54 (miyagawa) ok that's good :)
03:55 (^aristotle) I just thought, seeing as how people run these planet sites with it, that this was its primary mode of operation
03:58 (miyagawa) nope. Plagger is not for Planet
03:58 (miyagawa) that's because of our poor document / marketing strategy in the past
03:59 (miyagawa) Planet is just one example application using Plagger
03:59 (miyagawa) We'll work on the site (plagger.org) improvement on this weekend Doc-a-thon
03:59 (^aristotle) ah
04:01 (miyagawa) OSCON slides are available on plagger.org, which would help a little bit :)