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Feedbacks from clkao

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12:01 PM Chia-liang: Plagger::Plugin::Filter::TruePermalink [fatal] /usr/local/bin/assets/plugins/Filter-TruePermalink: No such file or directory at line 21
12:02 PM me: did you install from CPAN/
 Chia-liang: ya, i can perldoc it
12:03 PM me: you need to either run fron svn checkout directory
  or copy -r assets directory to somewhere on your box
  and specify the directory in the config
   assets_path: /path/to/assets
12:04 PM Chia-liang: i see. why from svn checkout?
 me: http://plagger.org/trac/wiki/InstallPlagger
  since it's easy to sync up ..
 Chia-liang: i see. thought i just need to -c config.yaml
12:05 PM me: right. assets stuff really sucks
  i need to install them to shared directory
 Chia-liang: nod
  just put in into inc?
12:06 PM me: that's possible too
 Chia-liang: /me grins
  i think that's what jifty do with tempaltes etc
12:07 PM me: yeah, exactly

 13 minutes 

12:20 PM Chia-liang: how to make the techorati search not just tag?
12:21 PM me: you have to create an account on technorati
  then add the keyword to your watchlist
  and you can get RSS feed by keyword search
  it sucks
12:23 PM Chia-liang: oh crap. you can't do what the web ui is like?
  how do people usually run plagger? cron ?
 me: yeah, crontab
 Chia-liang: it will notify the ircbot magically? :D

12:24 PM me: you could
  by adding module: Notify::IRC and run the ircbot
 Chia-liang: sh-3.00$ [msg] loading configuration irc.yaml
Pseudo-hashes are deprecated at /usr/bin/plagger-ircbot line 30.
12:25 PM me: paste your irc.yaml?
 Chia-liang: oh, it has to be the same config.yaml and put modules under plugins i guess
 me: yeah
12:29 PM Chia-liang: plagger is cool
 me: sweet :)
12:30 PM Chia-liang: i like things that simply works ;)
 me: ha, yeah
 Chia-liang: oh no
 Chia-liang: the irc bot is reporting repeated things
 me: oh yeah
  you need to dedupe it
  see examples/irc.yaml
  it has Filter::Rule
12:41 PM which uses DB_File to deduplicate things
 Chia-liang: aahh
12:42 PM me: for now, deduplication is not done by default since you don't need it for Planet things
  but I'm planning to do that by default for some plugins like Notify::
12:43 PM Chia-liang: is the plugin order important?
 me: it is important for the plugins on the same phase
  Notify::IRC runs on later phase than Filter::Rule
  so it doesn't matter
 Chia-liang: should it be before - module: Bundle::Planet or after?
12:44 PM oh ok
 me: Hmm, wait
  loading Filter::Rule with Bundle::Planet will cause bad things
  because in that case Planet HTML will be empty if there's no new entry
  do this instead
 Chia-liang: ah
 me: - module: Notify::IRC
   config: ...
   - module: Deduped
12:45 PM I mean, don't use Filter::Rule but move "rule:" under Notify::IRC
  that'll magically work
12:47 PM Chia-liang: Plagger::Rule::Deduped [fatal] This rule needs entry object to work. at line 32
 me: d'oh ...
12:49 PM ah, Notify::IRC runs on feed phase ..
12:51 PM Chia-liang: need to go to bed... i think will try to figure out the irc stuff tomorrow... 
 me: fixed in trunk
 Chia-liang: orz
  so the same config will just work?
12:52 PM me: yep
 Chia-liang: cool. make a release?
 me: hehe
  svn up and run with ./plagger
  lib directory is automatically unshifted to @INC
  so you don't have to install

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