Ticket #343 (feature)

Opened 13 years ago

Bundle::Planet: config to display recent N posts rather than duration

Status: new

Reported by: miyagawa Assigned to: miyagawa
Priority: major Milestone: Refactoring: Planet
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17:49 (jwang) okay. nice. it works now. not enough blog activity on cat to set duration to 7 days ;)
17:49 (miyagawa) Ugh :)
17:49 (miyagawa) set to something like 1 month
17:50 (miyagawa) do you want some configuration like "newest 50 posts" rather than using duration?
17:50 (miyagawa) I guess we do.
17:50 (jwang) that would be more useful. otherwise I'd just set it to something really long, like a year. some old entries is better than none