Ticket #137 (feature)

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Notify::IRC more DWIM?

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Reported by: miyagawa Assigned to: miyagawa
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<hachi> having some problems getting plagger to stay running more than a fe w ms
<hachi> using irc example, slightly modified, plagger seems to close for no discernable reason just after starting up, or while starting
<hachi> any ideas, anyone?
<obra> hachi: plagger the irc bot?
<obra> there's an irc proxy that should keep running
<obra> and "plagger" that should run from cron every n minutes

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(In [1049]) * Fixes #137 * Changed IKC connection error message to something that will point

the user in the right direction...

IRC [error] unable to connect to plagger-ircbot process at localhost:9991, if you're not running plagger-ircbot, you should be able to start it
with the same Notify
IRC config you passed to plagger.