Name Size Rev Age Last Change
assets 1893 14 years typester: Filter::EntryFullText?: added title capture to talesweaver_news upgrader
bin 1530 14 years ko: use Term::Encoding to detect query and results encoding automatically.
deps 1874 14 years miyagawa: rough cut of Filter::HTMLTidy
examples 1700 14 years miyagawa: Rough cut of Kwalify schema file, based on …
lib 1898 14 years miyagawa: safe guard to load XML::Feed::RSS so PREFERRED_PARSE won't get overriden
t 1899 14 years miyagawa: Filter::DegradeYouTube?: relaxed regexp
tools 1725 14 years miyagawa: use Foo::Bar as 'name's in deps YAML
AUTHORS 0.7 kB 1866 14 years miyagawa: add Nikc to AUTHORS
Changes 45.2 kB 1870 14 years miyagawa: packaging 0.7.16
Makefile.PL 2.8 kB 1837 14 years miyagawa: update DateTime? dependencies
MANIFEST 25.9 kB 1870 14 years miyagawa: packaging 0.7.16
MANIFEST.SKIP 246 bytes 1662 14 years miyagawa: perlcritic shouldn't be in the distro
plagger 455 bytes 260 14 years miyagawa: use FindBin? to map default config file. patch from Naoya Ito
  • Property svn:ignore set to Makefile Makefile.old *.yaml inc META.yml plugins *.patch blib pm_to_blib *.orig
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