Name Size Rev Age Last Change
Widget 1741 14 years miyagawa: merge from hackathon-summary
UserAgent 1734 14 years miyagawa: added Test::Spelling and fixed typoes
Summary 1914 14 years miyagawa: I can't type Lingua::EN::Summarize correctly
Subscription 1913 14 years miyagawa: Subscription::LivedoorReader?: use POST per mala
SmartFeed 1292 14 years miyagawa: SmartFeed?::All: don't set description with title
Search 1741 14 years miyagawa: merge from hackathon-summary
Publish 1922 13 years franck: remove Data::Dumper, add deps file
Notify 1919 13 years franck: Notify::Colloquy - Notify to IRC using the Colloquy IRC Client with …
Namespace 1905 14 years miyagawa: test Media RSS URL with and without the trailing slash. Ugh
Filter 1918 14 years tomi-ru: Add new plugin Filter::Lou and Widget::Simple config for lou_trans.
CustomFeed 1912 14 years miyagawa: CustomFeed?::MixiDiarySearch?: update per mixi HTML changes
Bundle 1897 14 years miyagawa: Added 'taguri_base' config to Publish::Feed, not to use as a …
Aggregator 1857 14 years miyagawa: Aggregator::Simple: check if modified is defined to avoid UUV 1.2 kB 1213 14 years miyagawa: Publish::Feed: use author <> in RSS feed to make it a …
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