Name Size Rev Age Last Change
Aggregator 1011 14 years miyagawa: Aggregator::Simple: remove charset= bit from Content-Type. more liberal …
CustomFeed 992 14 years miyagawa: title would be ok
Filter 956 14 years miyagawa: TruePermalink? enbug stuff. Use permlalink to find handlers
Notify 1019 14 years miyagawa: better doc for Notify::IRC
Publish 1005 14 years s_nobu: require HTML::Entities for enclosure support.
Search 675 14 years miyagawa: don't set cdate if entry date is empty
SmartFeed 367 15 years miyagawa: Move deduping method to Plagger::Feed
Subscription 1020 14 years miyagawa: Subscription::LivedoorReader?: Better error handling. …
Widget 785 14 years miyagawa: Widget::Delicious: code fix and POD update 1.1 kB 346 15 years miyagawa: * Add new plugin Filter::ImageInfo? to fetch width & height from feed …
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